5. März 2024

Bitcoin Price Set to Surge 1500% as Institutional Interest Spikes

• Renowned crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe has shared his optimistic outlook on Bitcoin (BTC), highlighting the increasing interest from institutional investors.
• He predicts a gradual increase in adoption and price growth, suggesting that Bitcoin could easily reach a 10x or even a 15x valuation during this cycle.
• He likens the potential growth of crypto assets to the dot-com stock market bubble of the late 1990s, envisioning a crypto market reaching a valuation of $10 to $20 trillion before its eventual collapse.

Bitcoin Price Prediction by Michael Van De Poppe

Renowned crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe has expressed his bullish outlook on Bitcoin (BTC), citing increased institutional investor interest as one factor driving the cryptocurrency’s potential surge. Van de Poppe believes that Bitcoin could multiply its value by up to 15 times in the period leading up to and following the upcoming halving event.

Adoption on Rise: BTC Could Reach 15X?

Ina recent Youtube video, Van De Poppe compared this current market cycle with that of 2015-2017, noting an influx of institutional investors, retail traders, and even governments entering the cryptocurrency space. He predicted gradual adoption and price growth for Bitcoin resulting in a possible 10x or even 15x valuation.

Is Crypto Mimicking Dot-Com Bubble?

Van De Poppe drew an interesting analogy between potential crypto asset growth and that of dot-com stocks in late 1990s which peaked at $10-$15 trillion before crashing down. Similarly, he envisioned crypto markets reaching a valuation of $10-$20 trillion before experiencing an eventual “collapse”.

Short Term Price Targets & Potential Correction

Van De Poole identified crucial price levels for Bitcoin such as if correction were to occur then pivot should be expected around $42000 but he maintained optimistic stance suggesting surpassing previous highs around 40000$ aiming for 50000$ before halving event.


Van de Poppe believes that with current Crypto market cap hovering around 1.4trillion setting stage is set for significant surge thus making it important for all stakeholders to watch closely and prepare themselves accordingly.