24. Februar 2024

Robert Kiyosaki: Stock On Bitcoin as US Economy Stabilizes

• Robert Kiyosaki has urged investors to stock on Bitcoin as the US economy stabilizes.
• The recent upswing in the stock market is attributed to the elimination of the debt ceiling.
• Kiyosaki recommends investing in “real money and real assets: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin”.

Robert Kiyosaki Urges Investors to Stock on Bitcoin

Renowned financial guru Robert Kiyosaki, known for his best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, has encouraged investors to focus on Bitcoin amid a stable US economy. He believes that the recent upswing in the stock market is due to the suspension of the debt ceiling until 2025.

Implications of Debt Ceiling Suspension

The debt ceiling is a limit set by Congress on how much money can be borrowed by the US government, and recently this has become an issue for debate. Congress recently decided to suspend this limit until 2025 which could lead to an increase in national debt alongside a rise in stocks.

Kiyosaki’s Investment Advice

In response to these events, Kiyosaki released a Twitter post urging investors to stick with “real money and real assets: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin” rather than betting on stocks. He believes that this will lead wealthy people becoming even wealthier whilst America becomes increasingly poorer — something he calls “sad”.

Congress Agreement To Raise Borrowing Limit

Last month Congress agreed upon an agreement concerning raising borrowing limits as a way of avoiding any potential defaults on US debt payments — something which was successful averted thanks to this agreement being approved.

Bitcoin Value Despite Market Volatility

Despite fluctuating markets and general volatility, Bitcoin has maintained relatively steady value between $29,000 – $31,000 throughout all of this uncertainty — something which suggests it may be worth considering as part of an investment portfolio moving forward.