What is Immediate Edge?

As a trader on the cryptocurrency market, one’s goal is of course, as usual, to maximise one’s profits. Experienced traders and programmers have therefore recently come together more and more often to automate trading in currencies such as Bitcoin. The resulting tools are called trading bots. Normally, a thorough understanding of the market is required to make profits. However, this is not required when advanced automated software can make trading decisions itself.

One of these bots is Immediate Edge, which is presented below. As with any bot, interest in this one has grown in recent months. Here you can learn why Immediate Edge could be worthwhile for you as an investor.

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What is Immediate Edge?

Some time ago, this bot was voted the best software when it comes to automated trading with cryptocurrencies. The voters here were the users of such bots themselves. The trading bot has the task of taking difficult decisions about a trade away from the user. It can calculate whether a trading decision is profitable or not and execute or reject it itself.

The cryptocurrency market is analysed by the bot in real time and can also be viewed by the user. At any point in time, this data is stored on a server so that it can always be retrieved. Trends for the respective currency are then created from the real-time data and the past data. In this way, the price direction can be determined within less than a second.

Immediate Edge’s own website states that the algorithms have an extremely high accuracy and can recognise and execute profitable trades with a speed that is hard to beat. This is supposed to make daily profits of over one thousand US dollars possible. The initial investment for this is said to be 250 dollars.

Features and mode of operation

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Inventor of Immediate Edge

Gary Roberts, an experienced investor in the financial market as well as a software developer professes to have developed the Immediate Edge bot. He realised relatively early on that automated software would be a great advantage in the fast-moving cryptocurrency market and created his own bot in 2017.

With the help of his software solution, any trader, novice or professional, is able to make daily profits simply by analysing the market at breakneck speed. Manual trading is not necessary.

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Opinion of a Immediate Edge user

Of course, I was sceptical about Immediate Edge in the beginning, but now I’m happy about a 400 dollar profit on the first day alone. Not even my best friends believed me that I would make money with a bot. Admittedly, it also sounds a bit absurd if you’ve never heard of it before. Instead, they partly believe the absurdities that circulate in some social media. I still use Immediate Edge and enjoy more and more beautiful bank statements that I can show my friends to convince them otherwise.

Pros and cons of Immediate Edge

Ease of use: the software is very simple in design and you quickly learn to use it, whether you are familiar with the application controls or not.
Free: Registering with Immediate Edge is completely free, there are no hidden usage fees or purchases to make.
Good reputation worldwide: Immediate Edge was voted the best crypto bot and enjoys great popularity.It is used by thousands of users.
Instant withdrawal: There are no limits on how and when you can have your winnings transferred to your account. This is possible at any time and for an unlimited period.
Demo account: after signing up, it is possible to simulate a trading situation so you can learn how to use Immediate Edge.

No app: Immediate Edge is only accessible via the web browser from the PC as well as from mobile devices.


The best bot on the market lives up to its title. Immediate Edge offers professional strategies to make big profits on a daily basis. No user should miss out on this opportunity. It performs significantly better than its competitors in the test. This software is recommended without reservation for anyone who wants to get into cryptocurrency trading.