25. September 2023

XRP Army Reacts to Bloomberg Misleading Report

• Bloomberg recently published a headline that was met with backlash by the XRP community and lawyer John Deaton for being misleading.
• The SEC has asked a federal judge for permission regarding Ripple’s XRP token, while not contesting XRP’s non-security stance.
• Despite its victories, there is still a battle for accuracy and fairness with advocates like John Deaton.

Bloomberg Misleading Report Sparks Debate

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently asked a federal judge for permission regarding Ripple’s XRP token, leading Bloomberg to publish a headline stating, “SEC moves to appeal Ripple Ruling that XRP is not a Security.” This headline was immediately met with backlash from the XRP community and legal advocate John Deaton, who claimed it was demonstrably false information.

Accuracy Concerns Raised

John Deaton took to Twitter to express his disappointment with Bloomberg’s reporting and the inaccuracy of the facts presented in their headline which could significantly impact the financial markets. He clarified that nothing in the brief related to the XRP token not being deemed a security, rather it revolved around specific offers and sales of the token by defendants of Ripple.

Fight For Factual Accuracy Continues

Despite Ripple’s recent successes in court, its ongoing legal battle has sparked many debates over factual accuracy and fairness. Advocates like John Deaton continue to fight for these causes as they rally behind their favorite cryptocurrency tokens.

XRP Army Reacts To Misleading Headline

The XRP army were quick to respond on social media platforms such as Twitter when faced with Bloomberg’s misconstrued headlines about their beloved crypto asset. They have been actively working together in order to spread awareness about inaccurate news stories surrounding their chosen currency and provide clarification on any misunderstandings that may arise due to them.

Battle Continues On Multiple Fronts

Ripple’s legal tussles are far from over; its fight against misinformation continues on multiple fronts alongside advocates like John Deaton who are committed to ensuring accuracy in reporting concerning XRP’s status as an unregistered security or otherwise non-security asset class. As more clarity is sought from regulators on this matter, only time will tell what lies ahead for Ripple’s native digital asset – but one thing remains certain: The battle between truth and falsehood continues!